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Philippine Ragnarok Online Download

Philippine Ragnarok Online is now on its 18th episode and the game is still played by thousands of players, new and old alike. From time to time, gamer’s visit my other site RagnaBarkadahan to look for instructions in downloading the game client. Just today, Rakiin Sakar buzz me through my yahoo messanger asking for link of client.

I gave him a link pointing to Level Up! Game’s official download page but he told me that the link for Ragnarok Online game client is broken. I tried the link to verify and yes its broken. After digging through links, I finally found the client in LU’s FTP server.

So here’s the link for Philippine Ragnarok Online game client. Download the game and have fun playing 😉

Official Level Up! Game Download
Philippine Ragnarok Online Alternate Download

About Jerico Vilog

Also known as Salleh. Mostly playing Philippine Ragnarok Online: Valhalla Server. Working as web developer for Hangad I.T. Solutions.

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  • rian

    patulong nman po

  • hoy! panu dwn. toh????

  • thines

    hi, i can’t open your alternate link and the levelup site. any idea? thanks

  • abnuy101

    pag katapos i-download anu na gagawin?? extract po ba lahat sa isang folder reply nmn po!! gus2 ko din po maglaro ng ragnarok!!

  • batusai2803

    I’ve downloaded it pero corrupted yung file hindi nagtutuloy yung installation

    • Buen210

      hey mga guys kakadownload ko lang ragna sa official site at hindi corrupted un files.Minsan nasa donwload manager kasi ung problema.

  • teryok

    panu po mag download ng valkyrie na client?? thanks po… need ur reply ASAP!!!!

  • sato

    reply naman guys…

    bat ganun….. dinownload ko na lahat…. lahat ng .bin files pati yung mag-e-extract pero nung inextract na yung file…. di na gumagana…. corupted… pano yun??

    • yeye

      dapat may torrent kayo pag alang torrent d gagana yan kahit extract nyo ng walang katapusan

      • mac

        tol panu un ma ayos ung RO valk. ko??pag ni papatch nag faile to unpack??pano to?help plsss

  • akihiro_chorba

    download nyo lang sa mismong FTP server ng level up, nasa download manager nyo ung poblema kung corrupted padin ung mga files. anyways baka gusto nyo bilin ung account ko sa new chaos 2k lang madaming gamit.

  • zapatizta


    • JemJem

      andito rin ako sa KOREA, di ko madownload ung renewal!! ㅠㅠ

  • gianne

    panu to?Failed to Initialize GameGuard daw??

  • shie

    hai 8) i just want to ask if working ang pro sa las vegas? 8)

    • yeye

      in any country even in iraq what the damn question!

  • patulong sandito i -dodownload ??>>

    Gus2 ko laro kaz ^^

    addiction game e2 >.<

  • sanity

    lakas dl. salamat pre

  • pranzer

    Same here I’m trying to download the installer here in Qatar unfortunately it’s not working..any link for RO ph

  • jeff

    nde ba corrupted to? kasi ung sa levelupsite dame error e 4 times ko na dinownload 4 times din na may error

    • yeye

      before i also did downloading it from lvl up but it was a fail so i look for a torrent that could acctually download the game everything to your pc without error i forgot the step by step but just surf the net everything is here…. but be careful using torrent for downloading files coz it could put you behind bars but ragnarok is must be safe….

  • mrjack

    mag download kayo sa , para walang error

  • Zala

    Pede po kau magdownload ng torrent ng Ragnarok mula sa site na ito:

    • rics

      salamat po… malalaro ko na ulet ung fav ko laro nung college!!! makakapagtinda na ulet ako ng apple!!!

  • Jeffrey Bugayong

    hi guys jhef here can you give me an assistance on how to play pRO here in Qatar
    thnx in advance.

  • yeye

    the best torrent could be bittorrent for ragnarok but as torrents policy there will be restriction on some functions thereon that could put you behind bars so be careful downloading items using torrent but i think and i must be sure ragnarok is not included so try to search for bit torrent i already forgot the instruction on how to but i successfully made it im here abroad as well so i know what you feel the eagerness to play that so hope this help in my own little way… im planning to play again if i made it 1st bfore any of you ill help you hope to play again soon

  • jeff

    puwede ba laruin 2 khit nasa ibng bansa… mimiss ko n yung sin x ko baka ala n gamit plz reply thnxs

    • JemJem

      yap pwedeng pwedeng laruin! kahit saang lugar basta may pc at internet ka. ^^

  • chad

    pano pag wala kapa RO sa pc mo khit ung download updater lng pa o kailangan p ng sakray nun?

  • raymond

    patulong poh panu i downlaod ung patch ng valkery


    please send me pRO dual login at config ng monk combo at agi knight

  • jeric

    mga idol patulong nmn !! haha

  • pa tulong naman ako panu download ang PRO

  • Jun

    Please help…i cant download the game here in Saudi…


  • Lorwil

    ask lng onsaon pag pa fullpatch sa cebu RO???

  • Edward

    how to download this thing plss tell me ??

  • Edward

    pede po pa2long SA sprite errors ung failed to get at unpack error

  • Edward

    plss po replly nlng po .. ^^

  • Vonky3443

    how can i download the ragnarok ph new loki server…. it always says cannot connect to server and the link is this.. or

    just note im in U.S.A. right now and im a pinoy thats y i want to plasy ragnaPH 🙂

    • I believe Level Up is restricting pRO to Philippines only. Anyone outside of Philippines is restricted from downloading the client.

  • balik loob sa Ragna

    mga tol need help. nagbalik loob ako sa RAGNAROK sa pinas nung nagbakasyon ako pero pag balik ko sa Dubai sabi ” failed to connect to server” baka nmn may alam kayong pwede kong gawin. need ur help asap….


  • Patrick_kent52790

    ragnarok 4ever

  • Rocelyn_sanluis

    im trying to download ung installer kaso ayaw magdownload pano ang sabi system cannot find file specified tpos ung torrent cannot find rin

  • Bunsoral156

    sir. panu mag dowload nito?

  • Cheesetah

    putang ina this.. d ko ma dl ung ragnarok valkyrie

  • Maja Avelino

    how about torrentz??? not working!!!

  • lance

    paano po i download ang ragnarok w/ utorrent process?

  • andrew

    saan ko po ba pde idownload ung new patch ng new loki? gusto ko na mdownload ehh.. sira nman ung level up… plss help

  • Sherwinreyes59

    pano poh mag down load ng ragnarok ohilippines saan po makikita

  • Adminuno

    Thank you for this wonderful link! If you don’t want to waste your money buying loads on pRO, you may try our Private Server it is stable, less lag very responsive. Plus you don’t need to buy anything just to gain your rank up. Visit Philippine Ragnarok Private Server

  • Samuel_labzyou

    Pg nadownload nba pRO at Copied na New loki sa pRO folder pde na ?

  • Interpreter_of_light

    pede po malaman bat lumalabas 2ng box na valexe.exe error pag try ko start ung game?

  • Bioroid

    eyy can anyone help me about my >>RO<< i have a rodkill file here what can i do to use it again

  • Paladin

    2011-07-12data_13-3new_ph.gpf saan madodownload to?

  • Tigerblader_04

    is this a server same where maintenance every wednesday?

  • Deathscythes

    bkit po web page not available? dko tuloy ma dl

  • Joseralpha

    panu po i download ur valkyrie?

  • Joseralpha

    di naman po gumaga ung 2 link sa taas help pls

  • Joseralpha

    help nmn po panu po ba i download ung valkyrie online ph?