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Philippine Ragnarok Online Download

Philippine Ragnarok Online is now on its 18th episode and the game is still played by thousands of players, new and old alike. From time to time, gamer’s visit my other site RagnaBarkadahan to look for instructions in downloading the game client. Just today, Rakiin Sakar buzz me through my yahoo messanger asking for link of client.

I gave him a link pointing to Level Up! Game’s official download page but he told me that the link for Ragnarok Online game client is broken. I tried the link to verify and yes its broken. After digging through links, I finally found the client in LU’s FTP server.

So here’s the link for Philippine Ragnarok Online game client. Download the game and have fun playing ;)

Official Level Up! Game Download
Philippine Ragnarok Online Alternate Download


  1. AnIeL.....cHaOs says:

    mga pare… hirap n hirap n q s pag download ng ragnarok….. ung ang daming i dodownload d q alam qng anu ang pipiliin …… plzzz help nmn qng anu dun ang pipiliin oh….. ksi ang dinodownload q ay ung bagong labas ep.19 ash vacuum pero nung nadownload q na bkit d prin me maqapaglaru ung dnowload q puh kxi ung 60mb…. un puh b tlaga ang idodownload plzzz help nmn oh…. ksi mai nkikita pah aq ung 1.9 giga bytes eh….un b ung i dodownload??? plzz answer puh…

  2. Anthony says:

    pls help me download ragnarok valk. I want to play it here in dubai, pls pls pls….

  3. Anthony says:

    Bilis namn pano po ba idownload at anung site pde magdownload or is it possible maglaro ng game dito sa dubai?

  4. AnIeL.....cHaOs says:

    ahahha no need n puh mga pre n DL q n ung pRO HEHE sna maqapag ragna n rin puh keo see ya guys in game…

    s BitTorrent puh me ngtapos ng dl eh.. dinownload q puh ung1.86 gig na file dun s mai ash vacuum website… nkalagay dun s name full client..nan dun n rin ata installer kasama n ung mga patch eh…

  5. PrinceJhay says:

    Diba lahat ng Ro na Offline need ng installer ng Raganarok online pede ba makuha yun ng walang instalelr ng ragnarok online by using what tell me plz… THz p0e Sie..!!!

  6. Ronald says:

    Sir Ask ko lang po kung Kailangan pa ng installer bago po mag download ng New Chaos Patch.. Pls reply po or reply po kau sa email add ko………

    1. Sir David says:

      Di naman ata need kapatid

  7. LemmojSki says:

    Mga sir patulong naman kng san ko pde madownload ung PRO na may valkyrie na patch.. gusto ko tong laruin. I’ve downloaded RO pero ung nadownload ko iRO pla. nosebleed ako sa english haha tsaka gs2 ko kalaro ung mga kapatid kong noypi. patulong mga sir! thanks

    1. Sir David says:

      Try the links on this article kapatid. If they don’t work, tell us.

  8. SharkBaiT says:

    I moved here at NJ wanna ask if i can play PRO here at sana pa SEND ng MAAYOS na link or patcher

    1. Sir David says:

      yes you can play kapatid if you use proxy servers to access pRO. You can find good resources on how to use proxy servers on the web. My advice is to try googling “how to use proxy servers” and look for proxy services.

  9. alvin says:

    sir ask ko lang po yung nakapost na alternate download eh download ko po lahat yun?then pano ko po iinstall yung mga yun….nasa isang folder na po sila

  10. louie says:

    sir help me naman im in part of in middle east. i want to play Philippine Ragnarok Online but wala ako full installer ng ragnarok san ako pede maka download nun pls…

  11. jepjep says:

    san powh ung updated n installe d2 ng pRO client nid q lng powh kc ehh,.. help aman powh,..pa2sa nmn powh ung ryt link s e-mail,.plsss

  12. karl says:

    sir sa utorrent ba mag D.D.L full verison client nitong game na 2? my nkita ksi akong ragnarok online valkyrie client tpos dnownload ko na? tama ba gngawa ko sir?its about 1.36gb xa? pls gs2ng gs2 ko 2ng laro na toh

  13. Zone says:

    bat ganun pag ka click ko ng game start sa ragna chaos pagka full screen nya black lng xa alang sounds or any visual tas pag nag ctrl+alt+del nkalagay not responding ang ragnarok

  14. sietema says:

    pabigay nman ng link san pde mag download nito kahit po torrent lang wala ko idea eh thanks!

  15. sieteman says:

    pabigay nman ng link san pde mag download nito kahit po torrent lang wala ko idea eh thanks! tagal ko na hanap to eh

  16. adek says:

    paps. pag nag oopen po ako ng ragna. hindi na po gumagana keyboard ko. anu po ba prblema? pa reply nlang sa mail ko. o sa blog ko po. tnx. nadadamay na kc pc ko e. pati pag start up d na gumagana

  17. johndel says:

    sir, would you kindly help me in downlaoding a Philippine Ragnarok Online in my current location, Canada? I can’t access the torrent download and FTP download in the LU site. please do help me, i want to play badly. :| tnx

  18. aaron mendez says:

    sir pa tulng nmn mag download ng new chaos. magla2ro poh ako. plz.. hitay ko poh rply nyu. sa YM ko..tnx

  19. dona chome says:

    kuya patulong nmn mag download ng new chaos bago palang kc pc ko.. gus2 ko ragna chaos lng poh.. help me poh.. wt kulng reply nyu sa YM ko..tnx

  20. mervz says:

    the download for either of the links is not working. its not letting my connect to the FTP servers of phil ragnarok onlne. are we even able to play pRO when your here in the states?

  21. Fan says:

    sir pno po ba mag downoad ng ro??

  22. Fan says:

    sir pno pu ba bkit d po gmagana ung ro na dnownload ko na ftp ki lngan po ba lhat i download mo ron pls sir send me a message kaagad gus2 ko po mglaro ulit ng ro at comnpatible po ang ro x laptop ko?? pls neeed answers x questions ko thanks

  23. Fan says:

    hope na mgkaroon ako ng answer x mga tanong ko ty

  24. Fan says:

    please sir pki reply nlang po u d kya xa mail ko po need answers x questions ko ty again

  25. Jerico Vilog says:

    Hi guys, as of now sira ang FTP download ng levelup for all their games including ragnarok.

    i’ll post the new link and instruction once maayos po ang download link ng levelup.

  26. Jerico Vilog says:

    Ragnarok Online client download is now up and running.

    Download this four files

    Run 20100201_RagnarokSetup.exe to start installing ragnarok.

  27. Fan says:

    laht po nyan yan lng po ba ang files na lailngan i download??

  28. aronwells says:

    Thank You! :)

  29. Ariane Magante says:

    Last po akong naglaro ng Ragnarok Online ay noong 2006 or 2007 pa po. Ngayon, ayaw pong mag open nung account ko. Loki po ang server ko dati, and it’s not free-to-play, tina-top up ko po ‘yun (kasi ngayon meron ng Valkyrie, kaya no need to buy prepaid cards). Tama naman po ‘yung username and password ko, sure po ako dun, pero ayaw po nyang mag-open. Please help me to retrieve my account. And then, I even tried to click the link “forgot password” and it wasn’t also working. I wanna play this game again, I miss it. Thank you po. :D:D

    I’ll be waiting for the reply. :)

    I hope that you could help me. God bless!

  30. RVD says:

    hi and2 po ako sa states ngaun bat d ko ma access ung download lin pra sa ragnarok laging sinasabi ng internet explorer na page cannot be display sira ba link ngaun pls help thx

  31. RVD says:

    st paki help narin po kung paano mag download or saan i ddownload valkyrie thx alot and kung ggna po ung load from digital martian if i top up in valkyrie for rok points kasi po wla nman retailer ng load d2 sa houston hehe nkita ko lng sa level up site ung digital martian for dollars thx

  32. RO Fan says:

    Sir pwede po ba paki send nyo po ako ng installer ng RO PH. e2 po email ko thanks!!

    1. Jerico Vilog says:

      hi RO Fan, sorry pero di pwedeng ma send via email ang client ng RO PH eh. You will have to either ask your friends or relatives here in the Philippines to send you RO PH CD installer or wait for level up to open their FTP to international downloads.

  33. Marion Borcelis says:

    20100201_RagnarokSetup-2a.bin?…eto po ba ung kelangan idownload from the site..or everything inside that page needs to be downloaded?

  34. Marion Borcelis says:

    i’ve downloaded the file thrice..still no sleep and the file always says corrupt..ganito b tlga nangyyari if i download it on bit torrent..tried downloading episode 20 on the site with bit torrent and still ayaw nya mgdownload on bit work around po b to or a cd is handy somewhere?..

  35. Marion Borcelis says:

    sori for dp..pero is this game compatible with a windows7 os?

    1. Jerico Vilog says:

      yes, Ragnarok Online is compatible with Windows 7, if it fails to run then try running it on Administrative mode.

  36. Martin says:

    sir papano po idownload ang ragna first time ko po kasi itong lalaruin at d ko maintindihan un mga links kung ano ang uunahin.Pati po ba ung ash at patch na folder eh idodownload

  37. Jerico Vilog says:

    Ito po ang mga necessary files na dapat i download. Optional po pero okay lang i download.

    Download this four files

    Run 20100201_RagnarokSetup.exe to start installing ragnarok.

    1. Ragnarokers says:

      bat ganun sakin d makita itong mga ito 20100201_RagnarokSetup-1a.bin
      20100201_RagnarokSetup-2a.bin pag install ko sabi d daw makita?pano po ba gagawin dito at ung mga icon po sakin mga cone

  38. Martin says:

    sir paano po kung corrupted un files .iredownload ko po ba ulit un?

  39. jover says:

    paano ba download valkyrie ayaw eh page error tapos pag DL ko sa LU ung Ragnarok Nid ng CD pano ko dodownload Epesode 1 ? someone help me at pag na DL ko po epesode 1 pacht un hangagng epesode 19? someone help me how to download the Whole Ragnarok email me thanks BTW i have Kro and Sakray 1210 nid ko lng ng Valkyrie pero wala akong epesode 1 ng Ragnarok Help naman

  40. mickoy says:

    I am a newbie here. . . where can i get the full patch of RAgnarok online ph . . pls hlp..

  41. boy says:

    help naman, im still getting sprite error in valkayrie and vahala server every now and then, help please how to fix this things??? i really want to play /sob

  42. ken^^ says:

    awts..hrap n mag dlod ng RO ngaun..gn2 nlng mang hram n lng kau ng cd sa mga comp shop mas mblis un tas patch nlng :D kya b ng Sun broadband wireless ung RO?miz ko n RO


    syng mga char ko T_T

  43. joshua=) says:

    oo nga kaya ba toh ng sun broadband?

  44. wala says:

    mga pre, punta kau sa
    dyn kau maka download ng latest. pero dapat i patch nyu pa.

  45. Ragnarokers says:

    tanong lang po kasi nung install ko po RO pag clik ko na po install d daw po ma hanap ung mga disk

  46. Ragnarokrers says:

    kailangan pa po ba i compress pag na download mo na po lahat ng mga un ng hangang 2a.bin. kasi sakin po ayw ma install eh

  47. paul26 says:

    Mga kuya pnu po ba mg download ng ragnarok? i want to play it kc. kelangan ba ng SAKRAY? na lili2 kc ako sa dmi ng iddownload.

  48. tanong says:

    pede ba pro sa US ??

  49. rian says:

    kuya.nadownload ko n po at nainstall. pro bkit sa patch cnsabi “Failed to unpack 2010-01-26aRagexe.rgz file.”? ano pong dapat kong gwin? ngaun lang po kz ako mglalaro neto.wla p po akong alam. patulong nman po.salamat po

  50. patrick says:

    kua paturo nmn ako kung paano download ang philippines ragnarok online plz