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Philippine Ragnarok Online Download

Philippine Ragnarok Online is now on its 18th episode and the game is still played by thousands of players, new and old alike. From time to time, gamer’s visit my other site RagnaBarkadahan to look for instructions in downloading the game client. Just today, Rakiin Sakar buzz me through my yahoo messanger asking for link of client.

I gave him a link pointing to Level Up! Game’s official download page but he told me that the link for Ragnarok Online game client is broken. I tried the link to verify and yes its broken. After digging through links, I finally found the client in LU’s FTP server.

So here’s the link for Philippine Ragnarok Online game client. Download the game and have fun playing 😉

Official Level Up! Game Download
Philippine Ragnarok Online Alternate Download

About Jerico Vilog

Also known as Salleh. Mostly playing Philippine Ragnarok Online: Valhalla Server. Working as web developer for Hangad I.T. Solutions.

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  • Emman

    nadownload ko at na-extract ko na ung disk 1,2,3..bket ganun naghahanap cya ng at sa Disk 0 e wala namang Disk 0 at wala namang laman na data5 and data6 sa mga disk..please help san ma download data5 and data6..

  • markus

    I don’t have ragnarok on my laptop. Will disk 1, 2 and 3 work properly after downloading everything? thanks

  • harb

    hello po, can anyone please help me kung panu mafix yung prob ko. kasi pag try ko na maglaro sa valhalla, pag kaclick ko nung game start, error kagad lumalabas. anu po dapat kong gawin? please help me. tnx

  • harb

    Sir david, pahelp naman po. please.

  • RJ

    uhmmmm gusto ko maglaro ng pRO ulit! but im in the states. pwde ko ba malaro ung pRO outside of the philippines?

  • @Harb
    You need to reinstall your RO I think. Anong klaseng error message kapatid. I need to know what the error message says.

    I think you need to use a proxy server to play pRO outside the Philippines kapatid.

  • quirido

    after ko iinstall yung full client nung nirun ko n yun RO laging failed to connect to file server.bakit kaya?saka no kayang fix dito?1 week n siya ganito e.tnx.

  • Mirazuki

    I downloaded na the full. So i already have 3 files in my gravity folder. What now?

    I’m not quite used to this 😛

    • you need to extract those files. Try using Winrar or 7zip. You can download these programs. Just google them kapatid.

  • ro player

    Sir David may balita po ba tungkol sa international players ng RO? so far lahat ng websites ng LUG di ko mabuksan. at mukhang hindi ako nagiisa sa problemang ito.

  • Krypto

    I will be here in korea for a month for business purpose and since yesterday I cannot play ragnarok anymore.

  • kenosis

    kuya im a newbie po bat po ganun na download kuna lahat lahat ehh pag start kuna nd nalabas ung star menu !!!!!

  • @Krypto
    I think game guard has been blocking non Philippines IP addresses.

    San ka nag start?

  • ynzzie88

    im really having a hard time looking for some client for this valkyrie online game. what IS the website for it? the ftp something? but i can’t patch through the website. where else? what’s the exact link?

  • jd

    when i go to the main page of LUG and go to the download section full client. then click on Disk 1 it just say “550 /Ragnarok/DoM/ The system cannot find the path specified” how am i supposed to dl the full client? help me guys specially LU peeps out there…

  • katorze

    all i need is to download all those files inside the ragnarok folder, then i will have a full client of ro right? what if i want to use a private server.. is this client will work for it?

  • AyaSu*

    sir david pede po pa help…ahmmm kc po ung valhalla ko po error pg click ng start un lng tlga ung nakasulat error pano ko po kaya maaaus un kc blik ragna(valhalla) ulit ako e….pa elp nmn po kung pano po masolve ung prob ko sa valhalla!!!^^ thnx

  • AyaSu*

    pa help lng po ^^ thnx

  • SwanDive

    sir, good day. need your help, may praob po ako sa rag.exe ko diko alam kung pano nangyari e, eto ang lagi sinasabi, “ragexe.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.” ano po ba gagawin ko? thanks in advance.

  • SwanDive

    any update?

  • SwanDive

    wala pa rin.. 🙁

  • khuLetZz10

    sir san ko ba download un mga episode at san ko download pRO hndi ko mkita tlga ee elp me!!:P

  • waaa

    sir pwede pa help bumili ako ng installer pero kapag napapatch biglang ttigil o kaya kpag nakapagpatch n.hindi pero ma start ang game. anu po gagawin ko. gs2 ko na magragna T_T

  • san ba nakakabili ng installer!!!??

  • tsaka ang hirap mag download !!!kakainis gus2 q mag ragna sa bahay!!!

    • usually libre lang yun kapatid. Kung may internet cafe diyan sa inyo na may RO, ask the owner or the incharge kung puede ba maki copya. Bihira na magdistribute ng CD ang LU ngayon eh.

  • paulo

    panu po b mag download ng new chaos patch/game client? HELP NAMAN PO PLEASE… nahihirapan n ko sa kakadownload!!

  • paulo

    meron n ko valkyrie patch client pero ang gusto ko ung new chaos, bakit po ba ala ako makita website na pwede magdownload ng new chaos patch client? help please

    • usually meron na yan agad pag ka install mo kapatid. Pero kung yung pag install nakalagay valk onlly, you need to reinstall

  • aldrine

    sir paturo nmn po kung panu ko maidownload 2ng valkyrie 2 araw q n dndownload hndi ko pdn madownload??vista m ang gmet q sana my 2mulong xken..

  • aldrine

    mga sir sana po matulungan nyo ako…

  • Miles


    Natatanggap ko lagi ang GameGuard Error: 114 na may message na: Failed to initialize GameGuard. Please try again after rebooting the system or closing other programs. Any suggestions? Windows Vista ang OS ko at sa LU’s ftp ko nakuha ang client.

  • That’s usually a permission error kapatid. Turn off user account controls. Go to control panel, click on user accounts, look for user account controls. Uncheck the box. Voila!

  • kuya my account n ko bnura ko ung valkyrie ko kc ngerror n xa sbik n ulit ako mgplay i have try to download the full version but it say the page cannot display wat should i do pls help me…can u just send to me the files?so i can copy it and install it…tnk you

  • aldrine

    ang gara nmn d2 swa valkyrie bgla nlng akong nhack e sa bhy lng nmn ako nkkapaglaro wla nmn my ibang alam ng password ko…tpos wla pa responce mga GM amf…kkwalang gana maglaro

  • Dante Sparda

    im living here in Dubai, UAE. I was able to play Ragna on New Chaos early this year, it’s a little lag because of the distance but it’s fine with me, it was so fun seeing my 5 year old account still alive. It brought back all my memories, so sweet.

  • khaye

    what’s that ragnarok game that doesn’t need any prepaid game cards?

    • Try Philippine Ragnarok Online – Valhalla and Valkyrie server. They don’t require top-up/prepaid cards to play. They are both free to play server.

  • atheneo

    Hi Sir David,

    I want to play AGAIN pRO. can you help me out? Im from chaos from way back.. Hope to finish downloading ang see you ingame. thanks for the help.

  • atheneo

    can you give ideas as to what server can I start playing? And where can I confirm if my account 4 yrs ago is still active? Thanks!

  • herbert

    pano mag download, ano una pong step plz help me i want to plar RO

  • atheneo

    try clicking the link up there. then there’s a very simple instruction on how to download in the site where the link directs you.

  • herbert

    tol atheneo puro pacth lang yung nadyan na link e, wala b yung full instaler? tnx

  • atheneo

    install mo lang yun. ako nkakalaro na. base lang sa guide na ginawa ni Sir.;)

  • Jayraldlasalle

    pa tulong po sa error na failed to connect to file server madami naako natignan na websites para ma aayos pero indi gumana yun isang solution yun pag oof ng fire wall ayawdinpong gumana pls pa help nmn.

    • pa tulong po sa error na failed to connect to file server madami naako natignan na websites para ma aayos pero indi gumana yun isang solution yun pag oof ng fire wall ayawdinpong gumana pls pa help nmn.

      patching related ba yang problem mo? try mo muna i patch ang main client (new chaos) then next ang valhalla or valkyrie. kung may ask pa kayong question eh punta lang kayo sa forum ng Pinoy Gaming Forums.

  • Jayraldlasalle

    gnun dinpo pag pinapatch yun new chaos ayaw din failed to connect to file server din opo dipo sya maka patch dahil sa error thenk you for understanding.

  • asa

    ano p0 ba ung iddownload ko sa FTP ung lahat p0 ba o ung phRO_2009-07-16_EP131_Full.exe???anyway valkyrie p0 ung server ko help me p0 how to download.

  • JeromeOba

    help po pls.. d ko alam saan po pwde i DL ang latest patcher ng RO philippines, kasi wala po ako sa PINAS at ndi po pwde mag DL ng patcher sa official site kapag outside ng PINAS, pls paki send po skn kung sino may alam saan merong patcher ng RO na pwde iDL ng outside sa PINAS. thx po.. email me po

  • joemeo

    helo po pano po o san po mag download ng ragnarok diko kasi alam kung pano guide nyu po ako this my FB account

  • Anthony

    Sir David san po makakadownload ng full client ng ragnarok. kc ndownload k n ung 5mb valk. updater. ayaw nmn mgdownload ng full client who those w/out full client ragna

  • gherard

    2gb ram en 256 video card ko’ pede ko ba iinstall d2 sa loptop ung ragnarok online’ en anong server mganda mag laro’

  • gherard

    sir nga pla’ nsa saudi po ako ngaun’ pede po ba un? thx in advance

  • Florenz

    mga paps .. help naman T_T
    ndi ko ma patch .. kasi nc.maintenance this last tuesday ..
    ung error na nkalagay “failed to get mainfree data daw .. aun ..

    help me pls .. thx

  • sir anu po b mga requirements para makalaro ako ng maayos para sa MYRO? tnx…