Saturday , 27 August 2016
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E-Games to Release Runes of Magic

E-Games is set to release Runes of Magic here in the Philippines soon. They have already prepared a teaser site which you may now visit at The site offers no details as of yet except a date below of what might be the start of alpha release. Alpha release of a game is only for internal testing of e-games ... Read More »

Google Patents Its Own Home Page

The United States is the home of some of the most weird patent wars this decade. With lots of bizarre claims and infringement cases, no wonder that the most profitable profession is being a lawyer. WebProNews is reporting that Google finally scored a patent on its home page. According to the report, Google successfully patented its “graphical user interface for ... Read More »

New Opera 10 Browser Released

Opera Software is proud to tell the world about the release of their best browser so far – Opera 10. Opera 10 has three major things that will sure catch your attention: Opera Turbo, a new compression technology that solves the pain of slow connections.Whether you are an on-the-go business traveler, you rely on 3G cards in your netbook, or ... Read More »

Ragnarok Online Royal Guard Is Out!

Ragnarok Online has been getting quite a few updates lately and I must share my most awaited update. After months of waiting I've finally had my first glimpse of the next phase in the evolution of Paladins, The Royal Guard. Man, I'm so excited I feel the call of nature beconning. Read More »

Lenovo and Samsung Delaying their ION Netbook

Lenovo and Samsung both announced that they will be delaying the release of their next generation ION-equipped netbook until Windows 7 is released. This was made known due to the idea that this ION-powered netbook will run better on Windows 7 rather than Vista or Home XP. Windows 7 is the next flagship operating system by Microsoft that will be ... Read More »