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Interview with Ria the Kafra

Arcite our new contributor and our awesome *maysakit pero adeeek parin* camera man caught the site of a beautiful Kafra in the booths section and got her to answer a few questions for our readers.

Interview with Ria the Kafra:

Arcite Valeheart: Hello, I’m James Paolo from Pinoy, and you are?

Ria the Kafra: Hi! I’m Ria..

Arcite Valeheart: I presume you are cosplaying as a Kafra from Ragnarok Online, right? *grins*

Ria the Kafra: Yah

Arcite Valeheart: What made you decide to cosplay as kafra?

Ria the Kafra: I was playing with my character and I was going around and I saw the kafra and thought she was really pretty and I thought to myself, why not dress up like this kafra instead of other kafras around?

Arcite Valeheart: What are the characteristics of a kafra would you like to portray?

Ria the Kafra: I would like to portray the kafra’s personality as a slightly conservative, she has an even personality.

Arcite Valeheart: If I may ask, how old are you?

Ria the Kafra: I’m 19 years old.

Arcite Valeheart: Oh, 19 years old. So how about if I dress up right now as a morroc guardian, would you prefer to sit beside me?

Ria the Kafra: *nervous laugh*

Arcite Valeheart: That’s only a joke anyway *smiles* Of course, do you believe that every cosplayer should be compensated by Level Up since you spend time, effort and resources for your costume?

Ria the Kafra: For me, it’s only a part of cosplaying and it doesn’t matter. Its fun cosplaying by itself, I won’t ask for anything else.

Arcite Valeheart: So what would you say to other aspiring cosplayers here?

Ria the Kafra: Do your best, have fun and you don’t have to worry about much. Go do your thing.

*editor’s note: Arcite now has that kafra as his savepoint*

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