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Dekaron – Coming to the Philippines

Mobius Philippines, publisher of MU Online popular to pinoys is gearing for another major launch of a new extreme MMORPG – Dekaron Online.  It is a game developed by GameHI of South Korea and was adopted by Acclaim and named it 2Moons.

Dekaron is designed for hardcore gamers and might not be suited for younger children as it features violent gameplay.  The game boasts of realistic environment and explosive adventure making it like you are watching a fast-paced action movie.

Mobius Games is inviting pinoy gamers to join the closed beta testing of the game. You may sign-up at for your account.  Dekaron will be open for South-East Asia gamers.

Game Story

A war lasting for millennia!

A destiny to fullfill!

In a world enlightened by two moons the battle between light and darkness is about to start, which one will you pursue?

Kalizio the Wise has awakened an ancient evil: Karon, the demon lord and his deadly horde of monsters have been summoned! The gates have been opened, but no one, not even Kalizio himself could control them. In a final struggle to protect the human race he gave his life to seal Karon once more.But from his exile the evil overlord is now aware of the existence of the world of Trieste, and his deadly grasp is about to close on the hearts of innocent people!

It’s a time of darkness, It’s a time of war. The few survived humans have to rally and to erect a defence against the rising evil.Weapons, magic, arcane disciplines… anything will be used in the final battle that will decide the destiny of Trieste!

The time for DEKARON, the ultimate resistance against the sealed demon, has come: are you ready to answer the call?


Dekaron features 6 races to choose from.  Each classes offers various benefits and drawbacks, as well as access to different weapon, ability, and spell trees. Unlike several other MMORPGs, there exist no races; the only character differentiation is through class.

  • Azure Knights are well balanced melee fighters, known for their excellent combat skills and strong power within the ranks of Gaia Empire.
  • Sagita Hunters are swift archers with hawk-eyes and lightning reflexes. Their long ranged attacks and animal-like agility are known all over the land.
  • Incar Magicians are the guards of Gaia empire trained to call upon the power of elements.
  • Vicious Summoners became experts in using evil to fight evil! They control monsters to help the human race in the battle against Karon itself.
  • Segnales combine their deadly whip attacks with various magical curses and healing spells, being effective healers as much as trained fighters.
  • Bagi Warriors are giant-sized ravaging fighters, relaying on their brute force and strong resilience to bring devastation within the enemy lines.


Subscription Method

What I can only say is that Dekaron might be a Free to Play game based just like what is offered in North America and Europe.  Item mall will be offered though.  Mobius haven’t announced yet the detail of subscription to play this game.

System Requirement

You should meet the minimum system requirements to run Dekaron.

512 MB RAM
GeForce MX Video card
Sound card
DirectX 9.0c or above
Broadband Internet Connection

About Jerico Vilog

Also known as Salleh. Mostly playing Philippine Ragnarok Online: Valhalla Server. Working as web developer for Hangad I.T. Solutions.

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  • how to download the eternaiagemes

    • Tagabasag

      hays wala na tong dekaron sa philipines may alam ba kayong bagong may hawak ne2

      • sana nmn mg kar00n n ulit ng dekaron PH nka2 adik eh sarap kya mg laro ng PH nun s lhat ng n laro q un ang pinka mgandang OL sana meron lit ^^

      • carlo

        GAME HIGH na may hawak ng dekaron A6 nato

        try nyo i download aZtiG na tayo d2 INTERNATIONAL PA hehehe

      • keso

        oh nga s lhat ng online games e2 pnkamganda dekaron sayng miss ku n VS ku TT syng lng……..

    • carlo

      mero Global Dekaron
      download nyo maganda yan promise lahat ng naglalaro sa PH noon nanjan na ngayon

    • carlo

      yan ang gawin nyo mga mamaw na character namin jan,.
      arang PH ang dating mahirap magpalevel din tapos pera pera lang

      action 6 palang… click nyo link na to download kau ng GLOBAL DEKARON MABUHAY PHILLIPINES


      • Nellord Martinez

        YEESS!!!!!!! tanks! n basa ko.. mis n mis ko na mag laro nto!! mag istall ako nto! d n pla mobius ang my hawak! tgal2 ko n rn hnahnap to.

  • nostradamos

    ito ang name ko sa dekaron… now lvl 116 na ko dated july 29 pa.. bagi ang character ko. xtreme game tlg ang dekaron.. nakaka adik tlg.. sge gawa na kyo ng character nyo.. baka magkitakita tyo don.. dalawa lang pagpipilian pt or pk kita… hehehehehe

    • Nellord Martinez

      hahahahaha,, ang saya!!

  • ako nga pla si SUKASUKI yung AK na lvl 117

    • scrappykoko

      wla lng hi sukasuki

  • ang lakas ng larong ito vicius sommoner ang characther ko level 59 na galinggggggggggggggggggg.

  • selling my acc lvl 56 azure knight contact me @ 09085680172

  • jeffjos

    gangsta kabah

  • free to play po ba 2?..

  • yes darren, free to play ang Dekaron.

  • astig tlaga 2 sana mag ka bago png characters d2 i wish gm sana mag high lvlv na ako d2 name ko d2 xXxSuMmOnErXxXx gm sana mag ka event d2 sa christmast and magandang event yung lvl ng napakataas ang mga plyers^^


  • siQUAN

    mga kua ko
    kua Jerico Vilog !
    kung pde po pa help nmn qc dkpo alm kung pano i download
    nalaro kpo kc sa comp shop ang dekaron nagandahan ako kea gs2 kong i DL sa pc ko ang problema d ko alam kung panu i download
    plz help me !!!

    • mga kua ko
      kua Jerico Vilog !
      kung pde po pa help nmn qc dkpo alm kung pano i download
      nalaro kpo kc sa comp shop ang dekaron nagandahan ako kea gs2 kong i DL sa pc ko ang problema d ko alam kung panu i download
      plz help me !!!

      hi siQUAN, pwede mong ma download ang Dekaron Philippines sa website ng Mobius. Click here to be redirected to Mobius Games Download.

      Ito naman ang direct link sa Dekaron Philippines client

      • Prince

        Ui Dekaron Sea yan a? Yan ba pumalit sa Dekaron Ph??

  • ang lupit cno pde dito blhn ng character sa dekaron 500 pesos azures knigth lvl 90 blhn ko 500 pesos gm pa help ako plvl pls

  • wow dekaron you roll hhahahahahaha ayus nice game ang dekaron

  • i love dekaron lupit ng skill nice talga wew

  • txt me kng may bnta kyu char ha 09059159685 500 lng badget ko lvl 90 lng po azures or vicious samuner

  • johndice_21

    anep man yan panui magregister sa dekaron?

  • ako malakas

  • Kyoka Suigetsu

    Mag 2moons nalng kayo US server, action 6 sa SEA di pa nga nag actio 4.5 eh. madami na mga pinoy lumipat sa US server, nag proxy lng sila gumawa ng account para matabunan ung IP at di ma detect. Kung sino interesado benta ko 151 Summoner ko sa Siz server, with permanent costume, Mount at Pet. Trans – Up quest di pa tapos kayo nlng tumapos.

    Contact nyo ako…09282721248

    • jay brian

      madali po ba mag pa lvl

    • aSab0y

      mga ilan ping muh sa us server?

  • noobersdelight

    f*ck this game
    and F*ck

  • jaja maganda ang aloken

  • ryan jaron

    hay bakit nawala ang dekaron kasura nmn san ako mg online ng dekaron pls reply me pls

  • aixen

    shit nawala ang dekaron koh sayang ang e-point koh mga 300+ pa man din ang load nun sayang paano koh makukuha ang e-points koh ha????

    sayang naman pls replay me!!!

    • Nellord Martinez

      tang na kc mobius!! kala nla pnuplot lng pera..

  • impustor

    wala na bang dekaron sayang naman mga acc namin dun..!!

  • nhas12

    kylan po ulit bblit ang dekaron?
    sana this n para mapaglaro n kming laht at mgpalevl ult

  • yunalescha

    ako kilala nyo p dun?… segita hunter ako dun…98 lng lvl…scrappykoko nkkta kta…db summoner ka…ska nostradamus na bagi

  • Jonathan


  • hahah….guys simplemae nga pala nym q sah larong ito at ngayon pricious1 nym q sah dekaronglobal sana magkita ulit tayo ngayo…sayang nga talaga ang account natin sah larong dekaronsea bobo kasi ang gm sana mah transfer q ang account q sah dekaronglobal sayang din gamit q dun complete email fah din nwala nlang bgla hayop talaga sayang na sayang ang gastos q…

  • cheloy101

    …….mga tol pano mg download ng dekaron yung prang PH yung mahirap mag pa level…mis ko na kasi yung dekaron ph ehh

  • rh0n17

    sana.,.,my dekaron.,.,ulit.,.,adik ako dun.,.,hnd ako maka2log.,.,kahit my pasok,.aqho

  • soryIMweak

    Dekaron Global? saucy ang laki ng MS:)

    Delay pa mga skills..

  • Bbgago01

    meron naba ni2

  • Janix_1995

    bkt nawala ung DEKARON PH anu ng yari??

  • sana bumalik na para pure pinoy hehe 🙂

  • at tsaka kailan naman babalik yan di na ako makapag hintay ..

  • I MISS DEKARON ONLINE , :'( i relly love dekaron game EVER , i hope dekaron sea will back !!

  • Can you please back Dekaron Sea , i miss playing in dekaron .. i really love dekaron online !!

  • Metampethamine

    wala na bang ilalaunch na dekaron ulit? sianayng nyo ung dekaron ph bglang nawala.

  • BOsz kEnz

    Kelan ba tonq Dekaron na to .. ?
    Tagal naman ilabas gusto ko nq i try ehh ..

    (=.=”) ?

    By:BOsz kEnz

  • Gkimyllen

    w0w..excited na kami dito mga adek sa dekaron…. sana lang walang cheater dito at hacker….. GODBLESS MORE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

    • Nellord Martinez

      d ko nmn ma dwnload sa gamehi!. pa link nmn ng US server mrami n rn daw pnoy n naglalaro dun. nmis ko na tlaga tong game n to.. sna wla n cheater hahaha.. syang lvl95 AN bannnn!!! hahaha tae n inganyo kc cheat..

  • Nellord Martinez


  • Joandelacruz001

    sayang nawala kasi yan

  • Toinks

    kailan po yn i-rerelease sa ph ? pls reply heheh…

  • christian

    kailan ba ulit babalik yan dekaron ph?? gustong gusto ko ng laroin yan haha

  • sasha

    miss na miss kuna ang Dekaron sana ka Download na ako 🙂